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7.5 Radical Firearms AR Pistol Review Final Mods

By: Alan Jenkins

Radical Arms 7.5 with Final Modifications

Ok, so now I needed a compensator for my pistol. But I wanted to go a little different, I wanted to pull out my AR and have people go “What is that thing on your gun!?!” I like being a little different than the normal “go with the flow” style some people have. I remembered that I had seen a compensator that looked weird. I went to Strike Industries and found the Cookie Cutter comp. While seeing what they had I saw an Enhanced Bolt Catch that I liked. You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to lock my bolt back at the range to show I’m clear. I have large hands and it is hard for me to hit the small bolt catch release. So, I figured that this should help me a little. When they came, I grabbed my tools and started working on putting on my compensator. When I ordered it from Strike Industries, they made the recommendation to get an extra crush washer. There is one already in the box, so I didn’t get it.

I recommend that you get a few more just so you have spares when you shim your compensator or your flash hider. I also had a jam nut for tuning my comp and used the crush washer on top of the jam nut. I had a problem with getting my wrench in the handguard to hold the jam nut as I was putting the Cookie Cutter on. It was a bear, but I got it. You can defiantly use an extra set of hands to do this job.

SI Enhanced Bolt Catch

Next, the bolt catch. It’s an easy job. Just when you are knocking the pin out that holds your factory one in, use some blue painters’ tape on the sides of where the pin is. On some AR’s, don’t drive the pin into any part of your lower that might have a raised lip. Remember, there is a small spring and plunger under it, so don’t launch them across the room. When I put everything back together and gave it a once over hard, I noticed that my iron sights had given up the ghost and where not holding zero. The only reason I found this out is I put a bore sighter in and wanted to make sure that while I was torqueing down on the comp I didn’t move the sights.

FRBS Sights

I went looking for a good set of sights that wouldn’t break the bank. I looked for a while and one of my friends told me about the Fab Defense FRBS kit and to look at them. When I found them I said nope, that was about what I wanted to spend on my red dot I wanted for this pistol. I was still looking for a little bit and had an advanced shooting class coming up and I need to find sights for the pistol. My wife finally talked me into getting them and I got them for a steal. I put them on and sighted them in. I tried them out and all I can say is wow! You defiantly get what you pay for. They are easy to install, sight in and they were lighter than the others I had.